About us

“Italo Import Export” was born in January 2000 as a result of an encounter between Salvatore Conte and Audrone Jukneviciute and their common passion for amber, considered a magical stone since ancient time. An old warehouse for the production of figs in Castiglione Cosentino, in the region of Calabria, was trasformed into their “shop”, an encounter between past and future; as a model of the merch and traveller, that transports in various places a passion for far offlands, and a modern entrepenuer’s mentality, nevertheless remaining respectful toward the value of the stones and the work involved in transforming them. In particular, the ambers of “Italo Import-Export” come from various parts of the world: the Baltic area, predominantly Lithuania, Santo Domingo, Mexico and Sicily.
However, the company didn’t stop at simply commercializing the amber, and, with the passing of the time, the interest of “Italo Import-Export” also turned toward others stones, especially jade, corals and quarz, always maintaining the characteristics of exclusiveness and raraity, therefore involving research. These characteristics are exalted by the creation of unique jewels that mavel and surprise, jewels that are born put off the collaboration of numerous jewelry artists and goldsmiths.
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